Top TEN organizing tools of the Professional Organizer

This short presentation is a great add-on to any meeting, helping to introduce ideas and tips for getting organized. It would be great for MOPs, Realtors or home based business/direct sales meeting.

Time Management

A 45 minute presentation/class is a great one for January, as individuals assess their goals. It would also be a good mid-year refresher. During this class we discuss balance, doing the right things, goals, margin, getting things done (overcoming procrastination), evaluating/re-evaluating, and your team.

Emergency Preparedness

When we are disorganized, everything seems like an emergency! In this 45 minute class we will discuss local issues in preparing for an emergency, as well as ways to be organized and ready around your home in case of an emergency.

Office Management Strategy

During this short, 15 minute presentation we discuss a zone defense for the office, as well as managing mail and some tips and tools to keep things running smoothly.  This is a great resource to combine with any business meeting, as an add-on or a break out. Realtors, home based businesses, and busy moms would all benefit from this short class.

Organizing Overview

How do know I what is clutter? What can get tossed; what gets recycled? And where do we go from there? In this 45 minute class we will talk about the different categories of clutter, hopefully identifying a few spots for attendees to work on. We will discuss local options for recycling, everything from gently used clothing to hazardous waste. We will touch on managing mail and where to find the best organizing supplies. This class can be shortened for business meetings or rearranged to include other topics.

MAS Movement LLC offers many of these classes throughout the year. Please check our Upcoming Events section for times and locations. If you are a member of a business group, MOPs, Realtor, Rotary or other club that would like to schedule a class or presentation, please contact us to discuss scheduling.

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