How much do you LOVE me?

That is a bold question isn’t it?  Well forget that it is February, the month of LOVE.  Don’t even consider that this month I turn 40!!!  Just think about the answer to this question….

Have I, in any way, made a difference in your life or in the community of Colorado Springs?

That is the question the Colorado Springs Gazette is asking in its Best of the Springs 2014

MAS Movement LLC seeks to help folks get a handle on their mountains of overflow and re-center their homes to reduce stress and enjoy life!

In addition to meeting clients and restoring spaces in Colorado Springs, in April of 2013 Jessica became the Community Organizer for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association in honor of her Godson, Alex.  Jessica and her team have raised nearly $15,000 to help reimburse the family for transplant related expenses.

Find out more abut our campaign at…

So, what’s the catch… in order to vote, you must register or login with the Gazette.  They will send you an email to confirm. When you click the link in your email you will go directly to the Best of Page.  You must vote for 10 categories… don’t see anyone you know or like in some categories, just WRITE IN your own and vote for them.  The whole shebang takes about 10 minutes.
Lastly, you will be prompted to comment on 1 or more of the categories you voted on, for a chance to win $500.
The top 3 in each category will be listed in the Gazette’s Best of the Springs magazine, out April 18.

I would be so honored and greatly appreciative of your votes.  Thanks in advance!!! Voting ends 2-16-2014. Please pass this along and share on facebook if you really feel what we do at MAS Movement has value!

As always MAS Movement LLC offers a complimentary consultation to assess your goals and budget.

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