Schedules, Supplies, Routines – Oh My….Back to School

As another lazy summer slips quietly away, the raucous of school days is just around the corner. What can we do to stem the tide of chaos that is back to school shopping, earlier bed times and the hassles of homework…?

Knowledge is power! Know what needs to get done to be be ready for Day One!

Back to School Checklist


Over the years, I have learned to shop early (and often without the kids in tow.)  With today’s technology, school websites are posting supply lists and even emailing registered parents in July, giving ample time to get a head start on a smooth end of summer – into the school year transition.

D11 supply list by school : D49 back to school : D20 fees only – includes supplies! (TCA exception)

With lists in hand (on paper or device) start with a household inventory.  What do you have leftover from last year, what needs to be replenished?  Check online/newspaper advertisements for the best deals, sales have already started. Check out the back to school bargain guide.  Consider the $store, save your receipts for returns, maybe even purchase a few extra items if your budget allows to donate to Stuff the School Bus.

Think outside the crayon box, especially for older students.  Their lockers are a home away from home, my high schoolers tell me.  Send them with survival gear like mini first aid kits, deodorant and feminine supplies. (More on that next time from my daughter and guest blogger.)

Once your school supply stash is stocked, you can prepare other areas of your home. My kids both had desks in their rooms they never used for homework.  The dining room table is homework ground zero around here.  Set up a functional homework/command station to stay on top of assignments and keep supplies in reach to make homework as painless as possible.


Check out some of these great sites for ideas… Homework Station : Back to School Ideas : more back to school ideas

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