Vacation Packing – Making the List

Recently FOX news approached me about doing a quick segment on vacation packing.  Of course during my research and preparation, I found I was going to need a lot more than 2 1/2 minutes to pass along all the great info I use and even more that I discovered along the way.

Welcome to the first of a couple of posts on packing.

The art of list making 🙂 lists of lists and list storage – Let’s GO…

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Or check out this one at Arianna Brady’s blog.  Or this one from Good House Keeping.  These are some great examples of lists you can readily find online. And although these are great places to start, to get ideas of easily forgotten items, I tend to go for a much more minimalist approach.  My goal when packing is to make the best use of the least space so I just don’t have to keep up with everything.  It’s vacation for crying out load!  No pantyhose, laptops or dress shoes!!! And who uses film any more?!

Let’s face it, one list isn’t going to cut it for all of our travel.  I use for multiple lists based on our destinations and travel plans.  It’s no doubt, you will pack far more when driving than flying.  You will need far different items for camping versus skiing, staying in a condo with a kitchen versus staying with family. The nice things about having an on going list are their ability to change with locations by cutting and pasting or grow with families whether by addition or with age.

Regardless, a list helps you get an overview before you even get out the suitcases.  Remember to check the weather at your destination as well as any sights where specific clothing is recommended or not allowed.

Take the time right from the beginning of planning your travels to start making your list. Jot things down as they come to mind in the weeks leading up to your travel.  Do an inventory of things on your list, so you can pop by the store if necessary to have everything you need on hand. Call ahead to your destination, whether a hotel or family to check about laundry, available toiletries and even the location of the nearest store.  You can always stop in and purchase forgotten items, it really isn’t the end of the world. Really.

Check back with us next week for more vacation packing tips… until then, happy list making 🙂


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  1. Denise Davis

    Hi Jessica! I set my TV recorder for the wrong Monday and missed seeing you on Fox 21. Is there someplace I can access it? I’d really like to catch you in action!! Thanks for the vacation packing tips! It makes me want to go on vacation!!

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