Get Organized by Opting Out

The eye-sore by the front door better known as DEX, yellowbook, the book, the yellow pages and/or the white pages….

Well folks it’s that time of year again, the time when, with a giant thud, over five pounds of paper hits the front porch. Ah, the phonebook(s). I remember a time when they were necessary, but in the digital age I think it is safe to say they may only be used as a booster seat at granny’s house or perhaps a doorstop in the summertime when they are rediscovered languishing in their blue or yellow bag still on the front porch.

So what is the answer? Trash, if you must and your conscience doesn’t scream out in the night as you wake in a cold sweat from your nightmare about heaping landfills of long forgotten telephone directories! Two more reasonable and earth friendly options are recycling and opting out.

Most of our local curbside recycling companies will take your old and/or new phone books along with all your other recycling. If you do not have curbside pickup, the Waste Management station on 4th Street, just north of Fillmore will gladly take them off your hands.

Then what…? Opt out!

On the front cover or just inside the directory, you will find a 1 800 number or website to register to OPT OUT of receiving your yearly phonebook. The damage may be done for this year, but don’t let next year sneak up on you… OPT OUT now! Click the link above for yellowbook and DEX.

And here is another tip… DON’T give them the email address you use for your everyday digital correspondence, create a hotmail, yahoo or gmail address that you only give to businesses and/or websites that could potentially send you further junk mail, this time the digital kind. Use this second, less important email address whenever you are checking out a website and have to register or at home shows when you sign up for information or any digital mail that is low priority, if you didn’t check it or see it for days or weeks, it could go virtually unnoticed. Make sure it’s something you can remember on the fly like or . Don’t compromise your main email address by inadvertently giving it out to advertisers… you know, the business pages is just a giant book of advertisements.

And lastly… when you realize two weeks from now that you need to find the number for a plumber or a child’s school friend who has moved, don’t panic and think, “I knew I should have kept that 5 lb paper monstrosity for this rare and random occasion!” and have you covered.


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