Junk Mail Avalanche… How to stop the onslaught!

This past week I got to catch up with a client who I have met with about 2-3 times a year over the past several years.  Yes, that is correct… getting organized is not a one and done kind of thing.  Getting organized and staying on top of a dynamic life full of work, hobbies, home and family, as many of you know, is a lot of work.  Thankfully she and I have forged a sweet relationship and she proudly calls me in for back up!

She has a mail issue, can anyone relate.  She keeps a lovely home and you would never know when you enter her tidy main level that she has hidden away boxes and boxes of papers, mail, catalogs and cards (thankfully not bills.)  So a few times a year, when it has become too overwhelming, she give me a call and I come, and we sort and toss and file….

She once came one of my classes where I talked about OPTING OUT online to stem the tide of unwanted mail.  But alas, she admits, she is not very savvy on the computer.  I think I will take my own laptop next time we meet and we will get it done if she doesn’t see my most recent email to her 🙂

There are several choices out there for opting out online… check out this blog from Terrapass for a bit of a comparison between DMAchoice.org and Catalogchoice.org and an all around interesting site on sustainability.

I personally signed up via DMAchoice.org several years ago and went from receiving twenty pieces of mail a day to five pieces that were actually of interest (or bills. yuck!) DMAchoice.org gives you an opt out of ALL option whereas Catalogchoice.org has you find each individual catalog to unsubscribe to.  That being said, I would start with DMAchoice.org for more of a blitz.  It will take 4-6 weeks to see the most significant change, so give it a chance.  If you are still receiving unwanted catalogs, then I might suggest heading over to Catologchoice.org or just calling the company directly to be removed.

Do remember, that if you have ordered from a catalog (even online) you are somehow giving them permission to send you more catalogs.  The best way to deal with them is to give them a call.

One thing to note about both of these sights is that they will require you to sign up with an email address….DON’T give them the email address you use for your everyday digital correspondence, create a hotmail, yahoo or gmail address that you only give to businesses and/or websites that could potentially send you further junk mail, this time the digital kind. Use this second (or third/fourth), less important email address whenever you are checking out a website and have to register or at home shows when you sign up for information or any digital mail that is low priority, if you didn’t check it or see it for days or weeks, it could go virtually unnoticed. Make sure it’s something you can remember on the fly like jessicasotheremail@gmail.com or Ihatespam@yahoo.com .

Don’t compromise your main email address by inadvertently giving it out to advertisers.

And for more still on opting out, check out my previous blog on phone books… How to rid yourself of the dreaded five pound door stop 🙂



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