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Jessica Bair has been organizing and reorganizing since she was a little girl: one of her favorite pastimes as a kid was rearranging her bedroom furniture! Who knew thirty years later she would build a thriving company based on helping people change their environment so they could better enjoy their life and surroundings. Jessica grew up in Dallas, TX, but quickly escaped west to go to college at NMSU where she met and married her husband, Dave, of 16 years. Married life brought new organizational challenges, two children, seven moves (two international), several fish, a gerbil, a dog, job changes and building a company.

Jessica and her family relocated to Colorado Springs in 2006 from Dublin, Ireland where Dave was working as a management consultant. After a year of getting settled, with both her children in elementary school, Jessica decided she wanted more from life than a clean house.

As a result, Jessica began MAS Movement LLC Professional Organizing in the fall of 2007. Jessica truly believes this is the calling on her life and is passionate about helping people reevaluate their space and the stuff that overcrowds their lives. While Jessica is not a licensed therapist, she did study psychology at both NMSU and University College Dublin and is an advanced practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a valuable communication technique.

When Jessica is not clearing a closet or reorganizing a kitchen, she loves to spend time with her family, doing yard work, watching movies, traveling and hot air ballooning. Her family would say she spends more time working than anything else, because Jessica LOVES what she does.

MAS Movement LLC offers a free one hour consultation to discuss the client’s hot spots and goals for change to get there. Jessica understands disarray and assesses – without judgment – which factors have contributed strongest to the clutter uniquely troubling each client. Jessica is available to give you hands-on advice, create a project plan or work with you one on one to change your space, change your attitude, change your life!

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