Binder Contents

The basic contents include:
A 3 ring D locking binder w/ front & back panels and inside pockets
2 see-thru vinyl pencil bags with metal grommets
2 poly vinyl business card holder sleeves
30 +/- poly vinyl sheet protectors
USB key with all digital docs (you can reprint and add your scanned information)

The binder stores:
Extra keys
Business cards of all important contacts
Social security cards and other important cards
Copies of driver’s licenses
Copies of insurance cards
Important phone numbers sheet
Individual pictures and pictures of us as a family
Family supply list – to build 72hr kit
Family emergency plan
Detailed Health Information
Adult/Child/Pet -ID kits
Marriage/Birth certificates
Immunization records
Finger prints
Vehicle titles
Copy of each of your major bills, bank statements
Copy of will
Major heirloom purchase receipts
Emergency financial first aid kit – 22 pages to fill out digitally or by hand
Evacuation plan responsibilities
Room by room priority items list (along w/cd of home inventory)

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