Organizing Services

Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Consult Assessments In our appointment, we will tour your space, define your needs and set a strategy to meet your goals. Please do not “clean up” as we can offer the best advice when the environment is in its natural state.

Sorting, Down-sizing and De-cluttering all go hand in hand. By sorting items into four categories (keep, give away, store somewhere else and trash) we can quickly down-size your clutter. From kitchen cabinets and pantries, bedrooms and closets, to offices and vehicals, together we can remake your space.

Packing and Unpacking We are a very mobile society these days, moving house is a great opportunity to sort, down-size and de-clutter. With our help, we can do double duty to ensure your new home will be free from the old and ready to organize right out of the box.

Move-In Blitz From a pre-packing purge to a complete move in, MAS Movement LLC will empty every box into its correct new home and dispose of all boxes and packing material. Service includes a process and contents consultation, so you know where everything is.

Merging Homes Whether you are newly married, joining families or making space for in laws, sometimes style and function can clash. With our help we can work in everyone’s belongings and create spaces for all to enjoy.

Local Knowledge There are many services available locally to consign, recycle or dispose of your unwanted items. Click here for specific websites for Colorado Springs businesses.

Recycling Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – It’s the mantra of the 21st century. We all need to be doing our part. I can help you set up a recycling center in your home and help you understand what can and can not be recycled, as well as offer a list of contacts for other larger recyclables like building materials, electronics and yard waste.