Better late than never….

No love for (schedule) clutter…

As we say farewell to February, we find another year racing by, with April hot on our heals. How is your 2013 so far? We had a great turn out for our January – Time Management class in Peregrine, here is a highlight…

The delegate and delete list – take a sheet of paper and divide it into 3 columns, in the first column make an exhaustive list of the things you do. For example, I run a business, clean the house, cook dinner, take a bible study, volunteer on ministry teams (just to name a few.)

The second and third columns should be labeled delegate and delete.

Go down your exhaustive list and move items into the delegate column if you can have someone else do them, for example I have an assistant to help me with my business (she created this cool new template.) I have my kids do most of the household chores and hire a housekeeper once a month. I recently ordered a few homemade freezer meals from Sassy Sweet, so I could be more on top of dinners. What items can you delegate to free up some of your time and add to your margin?

Now go down your exhaustive list and move items into the delete category if they no longer bring you joy or are just a drain on you mentally and physically. Things end, what are you doing that’s time has past? For me, it was ministry teams at church. It was sad to let it go, but I knew it was time for me to refocus on my family. What are the tasks you dread, you know the ones you procrastinate on until you finally have to let them go because you “forgot” or “didn’t get to them” ? Make the decision to let them go now and leave the guilt behind as well!

How did you do? Did you make space in your life by delegating and deleting? I always love hearing about your success, so leave a comment below!

Until next time, Godspeed


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