Cornering the Market on Great Ideas!

Isn’t the human brain an amazing organ. Not only is the brain keeping us alive by telling our lungs to breathe and our heart to beat, but it is creating thoughts, ideas and decisions that mold our very world.

In a time of facebook, twitter, pinterest and blogs those thoughts, ideas and decisions can spread like wildfire!

How does that relate to MAS Movement LLC Professional Organizing?

Well just because I am the professional doesn’t mean I have cornered the market on great ideas.  Believe me, I love it when I see a client’s space and say, “Have you considered this?” or “this is the product you need to make the space work better.”  And the client’s eyes light up like I have just shared the meaning of life. But even better is when I arrive after days, weeks or months and the client has done the work to move themselves along or purchased a product to simplify function.

One client’s find on Pinterest, now I do it too! T’shirts stacked in sideways like file folders. Know what you have. Grab a shirt without destroying the whole drawer. Works for shorts and unmentionables, too.



One client's idea to wrangle receipts in the kitchen.

One client’s idea to wrangle receipts in the kitchen. I picked up a package myself and put it on the inside of a kitchen cabinet to hold restaurant coupons.


Why is this so great?  Because it shows the client is invested, they don’t just want answers, they want to learn to do life better!  The bottom line is (material) things don’t change, people do!

So dust off your thinking cap and get a new perspective. I love the quote by Dr. Wayne Dye…


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


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