“Perfect” Timing

Timing is everything.  Whether we call it a coincidence or answer to prayer… I believe most things happen at the right time.

Today I met a client with familiar obstacles: too much stuff, too little time, too little motivation and not enough help.

Can I help her get a handle on the cluttered rooms, find a system that works for her and encourage her to build habits that will bring calm to her space?  I will do my best.  Could we have started before now? Possibly, but the bottom line is that she is ready now.  And here is the kicker… she picked up my business card over 3 years ago!!!

So what takes a person so long to make a decision or do something different?  Procrastination, fear, unrealistic expectations of themselves or other? Maybe a bit of each of these.

What is procrastination?

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”

[Don Marquis archy and mehitabel]

Who are procrastinators? One writer gives his insight on defining types of procrastination.

The relaxed type

We can say that almost 90% of the procrastinators will fall under this category. Relaxed types of procrastinators intentionally avoid situations in life as it causes displeasure to them. They would rather prefer indulging in more enjoyable activities. The most common excuse such people give for their failure to do a task is “I will do it tomorrow”. But tomorrow never seems to come for them!

The genius type

This type of procrastinators care about the task needed to be done but wait until the last minute to complete it. Generally, they have the ability and skill but they are just lazy to do it. They know that they can achieve good results even with minimal effort. But if there isn’t a certain deadline, they work lethargically as there is literally no sense of urgency to complete the task. If you like to work under pressure then you probably belong to this category. But the thing is if you are going to make it a habit then you will fail to realize your full potential and miss the opportunity to show others what you are really capable of.

The avoider type

The avoider type procrastinators usually have just one major problem. They have grandiose dreams in mind but are absolutely unrealistic about their time. This often makes them feel overwhelmed with pressure, pessimistic, and get disappointed with themselves. This behavior becomes a vicious cycle of failure and delay. Moreover, the avoider type procrastinators are generally very sensitive to what others think and say about them. Being deemed as a failure may paralyze them from trying all together. If not changed, this type of behavior can not only put a full stop to their career but can also have a debilitating effect on their personal life and relationships.

Do you identify with any of the types here?  I think I am a bit of all three.
You read correctly, I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! and it’s not healthy, I know it’s not genius that spurs me on at the 11th hour, but stress. So what do I do, I try to believe in right timing.  Is that my way of saying procrastination is okay, hmm… maybe sometimes but as a way of life, no.

I think I am getting a bit long winded, so we’ll chat more next week about fear and unrealistic expectations… that is, if i get to it! 🙂



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