Thank you, please come again

Last week’s class was a HUGE success. We were just about out of space and a few who rsvp’d weren’t able to make it! Thank you to all who were there, it was a pleasure meeting each of you.

We covered four things in the class:

Identifying clutter

Space and containers

Managing mail by “opting out”

Recycling – local resources

It was a lot of information to take in. Hopefully all those in attendance took away some helpful tools to get life in order.

We had on hand several great resources, like Kathryn Porter’s book, Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter, now out in its second edition. Kathryn tells her story of how clutter impacted her life and the process she used to find freedom from a generational habit. I have a few books left for purchase if anyone is interested. The book is a quick read with great advice on getting started and staying on track. It also includes a study portion to help you dig deeper into the causes of your clutter.

Kathryn will be at the Family Christian Book Store on May 26 for a book signing. You can find more information about Kathryn and Too Much Stuff at

We also handed out the El Paso County Recycling Directory, a 30 page booklet on how and where to recycle just about everything from tennis shoes and plastic bags to fluorescent light bulbs and spray paint. If you need this valuable information you can click thru to and search “waste” – no longer will you be held hostage by things you know should go, but where?!

We also talked about 3 great websites to help manage the inflow of mail. – opt out of catalogs, mail and magazine offers – stop those preapproved credit card offers and possibly the temptation to take on financial clutter – decline the phonebooks to your area

Like I said, it was a lot of information. Hopefully by summing up a bit here, those of you who could attend can still find benefit.

There was a lot of interest in this class and request for it to be held again in the near future. If you think you would like to attend this class, please comment below.

I am presently thinking September, followed by a new class Online Sales: Cashing in Before the Holidays

I would love to hear any feedback from those who were able to attend as well as any feedback on what other topics are of interest to folks out there.

Thanks again!

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