Not For the Faint of Heart 💜

I guess I feel like I have never really had a home. Home is specific people, home is freedom, home is courage & adventure, home is a place inside myself. Others along the way ask us where we are from… I am never quite sure how answer that question. Sometimes I say, “most recently, Colorado” other times “a little bit of everywhere.” Our love of travel & experiences & adventure are a cornerstone of our marriage ✈️ So it was not a hard decision to make another move. When we settled in COS in 2006 from Ireland (that’s another story) it was because we wanted our kids to have some stability & the chance to finish their school years in one place. I never believed this was our forever home & likely don’t believe such a place exists this side of heaven ⛅️ As high school graduations neared, my heart yearned to go & deep in my spirit I felt change was on the horizon. It would not be long before job changes & job losses & client cancellations & business closures & Covid would propel us forward into a completely new way of thinking & living 💭 Could we make a life “on the road?” Could we live with less? Could Dave continue to work? Could I find something to do with my time, since I would not be “working”? Could we be uncomfortable at times & could that be okay? Mostly, yes 😬

Many questioned our sanity as we had only recently, in 2018 done a complete kitchen remodel & even feeling strongly about our upcoming listing, remodeled & rehabbed all the bathrooms. I guess, I never truly believed Lange Ter. was mine but always wanted to leave it better than with what we started 🏠

Now, I was my own client. What would I have said to a client who wanted to have a garage sale, because, “I could get some $$$ for all this crap!” Or questioning myself, “how many toiletries & office supplies DOES one person need?” 🤦‍♀️ I will wax poetically later about how & why I became a professional organizer, yes it is rooted in hoarding, perfectionism & anxiety of lack. Thankfully, my desire for freedom & change was able to convince my other self that just letting go, opened my whole self to receiving what was to come.

With the house purged & stored & listed & sold, it was time to load the truck & trailer & see what lie ahead. Good God we still had a ton of stuff!!! Enough to fill the short bed of the truck, its back seat & any empty space in the 5×8 trailer that also housed the hot air balloon. It would literally take us the next six months & eleven transitions to get it down to two checked bags, two carry on suitcase & two personal items 🎒 to leave the country!

We have been “on the road” for almost 8 months now, two+ months of that in & around Mexico. Guess what, we still have too much stuff! Or I should say, things made it with us that we have not used or worn, not much but some. 🧳 There are other days we say, “gosh I wish I would have brought that, insert item here.” There has definitely been a learning curve & a need for greater flexibility & we have no regrets 😉