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What does the Professional Organizer purge…?

What does the Professional Organizer purge…?

Does she practice what she preaches, one in – one out…?

Yes, de-cluttering is an ongoing process, not a once off flurry of activity.  As purchases, gifts and projects are freely flowing in, they must be equally flowing out.  The operative word here is FREELY…

free·ly – ˈfrēlē/ – adverb

  • not under the control of another; as one wishes.
    • “I roamed freely”
  • without restriction or interference.
    • “air can freely circulate”
  • in copious or generous amounts.
    • “she gave freely from her abundance”

So what does a Professional Organizer purge…

Shoes and handbags I haven’t used and every time I try, I think I really don’t like these – so gone!

A couple of blouses that are super cute on the hanger, but not sure what I was thinking, they just are not me, so bye bye.

2 devotional books, since I have discovered the BIBLE app, I have hundreds of devotionals at my finger tips.

2016-01-29 08.35.00 A few dog beds that need mending. To be perfectly honest, its never gonna happen.  The dog doesn’t seem to mind that their torn but doesn’t lay in them anyway – OUT!

2016-01-29 08.36.47 2016-01-29 07.32.55 2016-01-29 07.32.49

A herb pot I have decided won’t be big enough and a nearly full large bottle of hand sanitizer I bought for a hoard clear job but now just sits lonely in the garage – off to be useful elsewhere!

AND lastly…. Several recent presents I received that I just don’t like, aren’t me, things I am not going to use – BRUTAL but true. Of course I would not post pictures of such things.  I do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling.  I am also not going to take up space with things I do not want or like and that I know someone else can use 🙂

Where does it all go?  Some goes to the local mission, where I know things will be passed on freely for free.  Other stuff I sell on eBay or via our local Facebook Mama’s page.

I am also motivated by a goal, a monetary goal.  I have something in mind that I would like to purchase and it presently would be more valuable to me than all this STUFF combined.

Is it time for you to take a tour of your own home?  Gather the clutter, fill out a donation receipt or snap a few quick pics to post online for sale? Get a jump on the new year before its just another year buried in clutter, you can do it!

If you are in the Springs, we offer a free consultation to get you started or help you along the way.  If you are not  in the Springs, we offer online or phone consultations/sessions as well.

Junk Mail Avalanche… How to stop the onslaught!

This past week I got to catch up with a client who I have met with about 2-3 times a year over the past several years.  Yes, that is correct… getting organized is not a one and done kind of thing.  Getting organized and staying on top of a dynamic life full of work, hobbies, home and family, as many of you know, is a lot of work.  Thankfully she and I have forged a sweet relationship and she proudly calls me in for back up!

She has a mail issue, can anyone relate.  She keeps a lovely home and you would never know when you enter her tidy main level that she has hidden away boxes and boxes of papers, mail, catalogs and cards (thankfully not bills.)  So a few times a year, when it has become too overwhelming, she give me a call and I come, and we sort and toss and file….

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Schedules, Supplies, Routines – Oh My….Back to School

As another lazy summer slips quietly away, the raucous of school days is just around the corner. What can we do to stem the tide of chaos that is back to school shopping, earlier bed times and the hassles of homework…?

Knowledge is power! Know what needs to get done to be be ready for Day One!

Back to School Checklist


Over the years, I have learned to shop early (and often without the kids in tow.)  With today’s technology, school websites are posting supply lists and even emailing registered parents in July, giving ample time to get a head start on a smooth end of summer – into the school year transition.

D11 supply list by school : D49 back to school : D20 fees only – includes supplies! (TCA exception)

With lists in hand (on paper or device) start with a household inventory.  What do you have leftover from last year, what needs to be replenished?  Check online/newspaper advertisements for the best deals, sales have already started. Check out the back to school bargain guide.  Consider the $store, save your receipts for returns, maybe even purchase a few extra items if your budget allows to donate to Stuff the School Bus.

Think outside the crayon box, especially for older students.  Their lockers are a home away from home, my high schoolers tell me.  Send them with survival gear like mini first aid kits, deodorant and feminine supplies. (More on that next time from my daughter and guest blogger.)

Once your school supply stash is stocked, you can prepare other areas of your home. My kids both had desks in their rooms they never used for homework.  The dining room table is homework ground zero around here.  Set up a functional homework/command station to stay on top of assignments and keep supplies in reach to make homework as painless as possible.


Check out some of these great sites for ideas… Homework Station : Back to School Ideas : more back to school ideas

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Vacation Packing – Carry on, my wayward bag lady!

My previous two posts (lists & take 2) were touched on here during  my Fox 21 segment.

Bags of bags


The great stuff I didn’t get to talk about can only be found here!!!

Who doesn’t love bags!? Bigs bags, small bags, plastic bags, clutches, wristlets, slouches, ziplocks, baggallinis!

When it comes to travel, you have to do your best to minimize what you are packing, especially when it comes to your carry on.

I like the bag in bags approach.  Ladies, your purse counts as a carry on, so I say the bigger the better.  Make it something that can do double duty at your destination; shopping carry all, beach bag, quick overnight bag if your travels require.

Inside your carry on, break it down.  Think about a trendy crossbody bag, like a baggallini.  And inside that, a wristlet wallet clutch.  These options give you maximum flexibility on size, style and coordination.

Don’t stop there, bag your cords, chargers, players and earbuds into an easy access zipper pouch so you can wrangle them without a tangled mess at the bottom of your carry on.

Compartmentalize all those little necessities like sunglasses, mints, travel pillow, cell phone, tickets/itinerary, lip balm and the like in your bag of bags to organize yourself on the go.

Where are you headed are you next vacation?  Take some time to enjoy the process so you can better enjoy your destination. Travel like a pro, enjoy the journey!




Vacation Packing – take 2 – Double Up

Well, truth be told some unexpected travel has kept me from writing my follow up posts on packing.  And in all honesty, I didn’t double check my list and on one of my trips I forgot my swimsuit!!! A rookie mistake but as I said in my last post, not the end of the world.  I popped into a store, bought a new suit and was sipping cocktails poolside in no time!

So do what I say, not what I do 🙂

Once you have reviewed your list, schedule a time to pack your bags.  Take your time to think through outfits and events based on your travel plans (and the weather.) Minimize your bottoms and take multiple tops if space allows.  Roll your clothing to accommodate the best use of space. Remember when your choosing your clothing, choose what you love, what is comfortable and what you feel good in.  Don’t waste space on maybe…

There is also no space for maybes in that quart size ziplock bag. Do yourself a favor and splurge on travel size toiletries or purchase travel bottles to fill and refill.  If you do choose refillable bottles, label them well so future trips don’t find you putting lotion in your hair 🙂

Double up, duplicate frequently used items so you can get them packed without having to think twice on the day of your departure.  Consider creating a “travel bag” that is nearly ready for any trip at any time.  Stock your travel bag with an extra hair brush, toothbrush  and your travel size toiletries so you can jet set with ease.

Check out these other great blogs for unusual packing tips that will help you get organized and on your way.

More on toiletries…

Cosmo knows… 20 tips for traveling with ease

Lastly, a few I hadn’t even thought of… #s 8, 23 & 25




Vacation Packing – Making the List

Recently FOX news approached me about doing a quick segment on vacation packing.  Of course during my research and preparation, I found I was going to need a lot more than 2 1/2 minutes to pass along all the great info I use and even more that I discovered along the way.

Welcome to the first of a couple of posts on packing.

The art of list making 🙂 lists of lists and list storage – Let’s GO…

pack this













Or check out this one at Arianna Brady’s blog.  Or this one from Good House Keeping.  These are some great examples of lists you can readily find online. And although these are great places to start, to get ideas of easily forgotten items, I tend to go for a much more minimalist approach.  My goal when packing is to make the best use of the least space so I just don’t have to keep up with everything.  It’s vacation for crying out load!  No pantyhose, laptops or dress shoes!!! And who uses film any more?!

Let’s face it, one list isn’t going to cut it for all of our travel.  I use for multiple lists based on our destinations and travel plans.  It’s no doubt, you will pack far more when driving than flying.  You will need far different items for camping versus skiing, staying in a condo with a kitchen versus staying with family. The nice things about having an on going list are their ability to change with locations by cutting and pasting or grow with families whether by addition or with age.

Regardless, a list helps you get an overview before you even get out the suitcases.  Remember to check the weather at your destination as well as any sights where specific clothing is recommended or not allowed.

Take the time right from the beginning of planning your travels to start making your list. Jot things down as they come to mind in the weeks leading up to your travel.  Do an inventory of things on your list, so you can pop by the store if necessary to have everything you need on hand. Call ahead to your destination, whether a hotel or family to check about laundry, available toiletries and even the location of the nearest store.  You can always stop in and purchase forgotten items, it really isn’t the end of the world. Really.

Check back with us next week for more vacation packing tips… until then, happy list making 🙂


Reevaluating, refining & rediscovering

Well if you have been following MAS Movement LLC through the life of the business you know we have gone through some changes over the past year.  You might even notice that this is our first blog in over a year!  So for those of you who don’t know and might be interested, here is what happened….

Business was going extremely well at the beginning of 2014, I had 2 contractors working regularly for MAS Movement LLC.  We worked together to get jobs done more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.   I wanted to promote these amazing ladies to begin seeing their own clients, working solo or with additional contract help as needed. But truth be told, I just didn’t know if there would be enough work for all of us.

That is when I went to coffee with another business provider and walked away with a new job!  I was looking for something new and different but still in the realm of organizing, something that would allow me to continue running MAS Movement LLC and raise up the wonderful new organizers I had trained to work with me over these past years.  Closet Factory (official website) offered me just what I was looking for.

It wasn’t the smoothest of transitions, a lot of business tending fell by the wayside, like blogs, facebook posts and classes.  But in return, I learned the new and exciting business of custom storage design, it was a natural addition to MAS Movement LLC.  And all the more exciting as several MAS Movement LLC clients have availed of the awesome storage Closet Factory (my facebook page) has to offer.

MAS Movement LLC has regained its footing as Myia Danley has stepped into the role of lead professional organizer.  She now has a handful of contractors that work with her on 90% of the leads that come into MAS Movement LLC via our website and facebook.

It has been a whirlwind of a year, sometimes uncomfortable but I think that is where growth lives.  I never imagined what was in store as I felt God tugging on my heart at the end of 2013.  Change was coming no matter how much I dug in my heels and here we are.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!



Merging Two Homes Into One

Are you a clinger? Do you cling to all the stuff you have and don’t like the idea of getting rid of any of it? “But I might use it someday,” you’ll say to yourself and anyone within earshot.

Merging Two Homes Into One | MAS Movement LLC

Sometimes in life, you’ve just got to downsize, and let go of some stuff. For instance, what happens when you finally—FINALLY—meet someone else you’re ready to share your life, and stuff, with. Whether you are newly married, joining families, or even making a new space for your mother in law, finding space for everyone’s belongings becomes tough.

Inevitably, you and this person in your life are going to move into together, and you cannot keep your stuff and their stuff because there’s just not enough space in the one place to store all the accumulated items you’ve both acquired in our consumer-driven, product-hungry, yet disposable society.

Back to the issue at hand—how can a person properly downsize their stuff when merging homes? First, assess what you two want to keep, and what they insist, “needs to go!”

Next, it’s time for a yard sale. If the weather/timing isn’t right, it’s time to go online and utilize Craigslist/eBay and sell, sell, sell. Getting rid of some old clothes? Donate them to charity shops. And, if you’re feeling friendly and want to bless your friends with some “gifts,” then give your friend that couch she always compliments or that weed wacker he so desperately needs.

Downsizing usually needs an objective third party to help spur the action and get the job done. That’s where MAS Movement LLC comes in. When you need someone in Colorado Springs to help you through the process of downsizing, de-cluttering and moving in, we are here to make your life more bearable and get two homes merged into one. Call us for a complimentary consultation. Together we can get your new lives and space on track for marital bliss!

(Posted by: Jessica Bair of MAS Movement LLC)

How much do you LOVE me?

That is a bold question isn’t it?  Well forget that it is February, the month of LOVE.  Don’t even consider that this month I turn 40!!!  Just think about the answer to this question….

Have I, in any way, made a difference in your life or in the community of Colorado Springs?

That is the question the Colorado Springs Gazette is asking in its Best of the Springs 2014

MAS Movement LLC seeks to help folks get a handle on their mountains of overflow and re-center their homes to reduce stress and enjoy life!

In addition to meeting clients and restoring spaces in Colorado Springs, in April of 2013 Jessica became the Community Organizer for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association in honor of her Godson, Alex.  Jessica and her team have raised nearly $15,000 to help reimburse the family for transplant related expenses.

Find out more abut our campaign at…

So, what’s the catch… in order to vote, you must register or login with the Gazette.  They will send you an email to confirm. When you click the link in your email you will go directly to the Best of Page.  You must vote for 10 categories… don’t see anyone you know or like in some categories, just WRITE IN your own and vote for them.  The whole shebang takes about 10 minutes.
Lastly, you will be prompted to comment on 1 or more of the categories you voted on, for a chance to win $500.
The top 3 in each category will be listed in the Gazette’s Best of the Springs magazine, out April 18.

I would be so honored and greatly appreciative of your votes.  Thanks in advance!!! Voting ends 2-16-2014. Please pass this along and share on facebook if you really feel what we do at MAS Movement has value!

As always MAS Movement LLC offers a complimentary consultation to assess your goals and budget.

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Giving The Gift Of Organization

When it comes to organization, that common phrase “everything has a place” is not always true nor is it always the answer. The truth is that functional organization is most largely controlled by being able to distinguish what needs to stay and what needs to go.

This holiday season should be a focus of giving thanks and simplifying our lives so that we may concentrate on what is necessary and needed to be happy. The “extra” stuff you or someone you know has might be preventing them from enjoying life.

Therefore, give the gift of organization this year. Everyone can benefit from a little help, but they might not know where to start. That is where some expertise comes in. I find delight in helping others prioritize those belongings that have somehow become a heavy burden on everyday living.

Our holiday storage, recovery and prep work services can assist with getting ready for the holiday season so that the person or family can focus on celebrating without interruption from unnecessary hassles. Whether the process includes finding, sorting and displaying holiday items or storing of things not to be used, I can help.

The process is easy for you. All services come with a free consultation to assess the client’s needs. In order to create a functional storage space, all storage items including bins and containers are purchased by the company and reimbursed by the client, no extra costs involved. Anything holiday related (or not) that’s to be charity donated are taken away and a bank receipt for tax purposes is provided. There are no extra fees for anything to be recycled or thrown away.

Since the holiday season is fast approaching and you may want to help out a friend or family member with some organization services, the work can be done by one or with a team to cut down on time. For additional information on these services, don’t hesitate to contact.

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